How to compute distance from elements of an array in python?

I have a numpy array where each element is a position, like this :

array([[1, 1, 0],
      [2, 2, 0],
      [3, 3, 1]])

And I want to compute the distance between each element. So here, the expected output is :

[0, 1.414213, 1.732050]

The distance is calculated as it follows : For the first element it is 0 because ther isn't any element before. For the second it is sqrt((2 - 1)**2 + (2 - 1)**2 + (0 - 0)**2)) and so on

However, there is a lot of elements (around some thousands), and this operation is repeated multiple times. So I need a way to execute this very fast.

I was wondering if there is a library (or even better a numpy function) that could solve my problem. I used cdist from scipy.spatial.distance before, but it doesn't work anymore (I have problems with scipy dependencies), so I'm searching for another way.

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